Why Use A Buyer’s Agent?

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If It doesn’t cost more, why settle for less!!!


Real Estate Disclosure :   Have you actually read the Real Estate Brokerage Services Disclosure that is your right by Alabama Law? I will go through the different  services listed and explain each.

A Single Agent is a licensee who represents only one party in a sale.  This agent must be completely loyal and faithful to his/her client.  Think about this statement.  Would you not want this type of representation?   Buyer Agency is this type of representation. You might think that you would have to pay extra for Buyer Agency, but a Buyer’s Agent is paid by the commission on the sale just like a Transaction Broker or a Limited Consensual Agent.

SUBAGENCY is not offered by most Real Estate Companies in this Area.

A Limited Consensual Dual Agent is a licensee for both the Buyer and Seller.  This can only be done with written consent of both buyer and seller.  The licensee in this type of transaction cannot give you advice on possible price to offer or tell a buyer anything that might help them get the price down.  Think about this, do you think this type of representation is best for Sellers.

Transaction Broker is a licensee which assists one or more parties in a sale, who are customers.  A Transaction Broker is not an agent and does not perform the same type of services as an agent.

DO YOU NEED A BUYER AGENT ON SMITH LAKE? If you need a copy of the Alabama Real Estate Disclosure or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at lakefront4u@yahoo.com text/call my cell: 256-709-0249. I WOULD LIKE TO WORK FOR YOU!