Lewis Smith Lake Boathouse & Shoreline Permitting

Jim Wright boathouse

All structures below the 522 elevation of Smith Lake must be approved by Alabama Power.  Applications for boathouse/dock permits are examined on a situational basis.  Alabama Power representatives make the final call on what the property will allow.  On this lake Boathouses/docks float due to the water fluctuation.  A boathouse/dock is usually placed at the 510 elevation to maximize the usage of the structure on the lake.  Alabama Power requires at least 100 ft. of water frontage to be applicable for a boathouse.  They will permit a 60 ft. walkway attached to a boathouse of no more than 32 feet in length.  This totals a maximum of 92 ft. from the 510 elevation.  The maximum boathouse size is 32 ft. x 32 ft. which will accommodate 2 boats.  However, if your property is on a narrow part of the lake,  Alabama Power will only allow the boathouse/dock to reach one-third of the total width of the channel.

A typical Single slip boathouse is 18ft. x 32ft, the typical double slip boathouse is 32ft x 32ft.  When buying a property that already has a boathouse/dock, knowing the depth of the water where the structure is presently floating  or the depth of the water where Alabama Power will allow you to float is a fact that will limit surprises in the future.

If you need a copy of the “General Guidelines For Residential Shoreline Permitting & Permit Terms and Conditions”, please email your request to lakefront4u@yahoo.com and I will send you one.                                              DO YOU NEED A BUYER AGENT ON SMITH LAKE? , please text/call  Phyllis Holcombe, 256-709-0249. I WANT TO WORK FOR YOU!