Benefits of Buyer Agency

rainbow 4If it doesn’t cost more to use a buyer agent, why settle for less? In most cases, a buyer agent gets paid from the commission agreed to in the listing agreement with the seller and paid by the seller at time of closing.

Working with a Buyer Agent when searching for a home on Smith Lake is always a Smart Move.  Home sellers have representation by their listing agent.  It only makes sense to have an agent represent the buyer’s interest.  A Buyer’s Agent works for the buyer only and never for The seller.  Using a Buyer Agent when purchasing a property on Smith Lake could save you thousands of dollars.

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Buyer’s Agent represent you in the purchase of you next home.

  1. Full Representation – A buyers’ agent owes 100% of their dedication and loyalty to you, the home buyer.  They do not have a reason or motivation to “sell” one house over another and will thoroughly put YOUR interests above any sellers’ wants or needs.
  2. No Loyalty to Home Sellers or Listing Agents – Because of the 100% loyalty to you, the Buyer client, a buyer agent’s job is to get YOU into the best home for the least amount of money and hassle possible.
  3. Knowledge of the Market –  A Buyers agent knows “what is out there” better than anyone else.  They spend much of their time looking at houses (both online and in person) and will send you information on any listing that just might be what you are looking for.
  4. Access to ALL Listed Properties – A Buyers Agent will show you ANY property that is available – regardless of the sign in the yard.  They have access to every home that is listed for sale when it hits the MLS, and have no loyalty to one listing over another.
  5. Effective Negotiating Skills, Contract Knowledge & Most Important Knowledge of Smith Lake – A Buyers’ Agent is an effective negotiator, as one main part of their job is to write solid offers that put you, their Buyer Client in the best possible situation and Most Important to make you aware of situations that occur when buying property on Smith Lake.

BONUS BENEFIT:  IN MOST CASES, REPRESENTATION BY A BUYERS’ AGENT will cost you nothing.  IT’S FREE!  The compensation that a Buyer’s Agent receives is built into the selling costs called for in the listing agreement &  paid by the Seller at the time of closing.  IF IT DOESN’T COST MORE, WHY SETTLE FOR LESS.  CALL/TEXT Phyllis Holcombe 256-709-0249, EMAIL,  I WANT TO WORK FOR YOU.